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The illusion lies in the details

When you see Cabaret Moulin perform, you will probably experience confusion. There are female hips, there are breasts and dresses that dazzle for miles. To create an illusion like this, it is important to remember the details. Underneath all those glamorous stage costumes there is a hidden "couch-factory" (foam wadding) that expands the shapes that you are will see in the shows. This is combined with tight-fitting underwear and fishnet tights that give the illusion of well-turned legs.  

Less is more?

Large sequins, rhinestones, feathers are what become most eye-catching during a drag show, but sometimes it can actually be the little black dress and a pair of high heels that give the absolute best illusion. It all depends on what number and feeling you want to convey with your drag character.   

Couture or buy ready-made?

Being unique with self-designed stage costumes (previously sewn by Veronica Sartz and Malin Klang) is always desirable, but at the beginning of Cabaret Moulin career, miracles could be done with a purchased skirt, glue gun and some sequins. Your imagination is the limit. Tights that cover everything are available at Dansskor (combine the product 1 with
product 2 for best results). Amazon offers a variation of great fabrics to work with - or for those who are interested - you can find unique fabrics when on holiday (feel free to check out smaller stores for good prices and cool fabrics).

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