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About Cabaret Moulin

Who is Cabaret Moulin?

Kabaret Moulän, Kabare Molin, Cabaret Moulin a dear child has many names. The trio, based in Skåne, more specifically in Malmö, was founded in 2006. The members of the group are three good friends who annually captivate the audience with glitter and glamour. The show offers spectacular dance numbers, shocking audacity and flashy humor.  


Cabaret Moulin consists of the outgoing hostess Babushka  who speaks first, thinks later, the elegant Elecktra and glittering disco queen Carina Desoleil. Together with the Dance Squad these three glamazons takes the drag show to a whole new level.

They have one thing in common, a crazy sense of humor with the aim to entertain. Your "laughing muscles" will surely get a beating and the show will remain in your memory long after you have left.  

Cabaret Moulins partners

Today, Cabaret Moulin works with Vanity Room (formerly known as Caseal's). With their knowledge, the girls Mirela and Sandra have really done a "hair-raising" lift with the show's hair style production. All sewing of dresses is now made by Isabel Nilsson (formerly known as Cabaret Moulins most loyal fan). 

Do you want to become a partner with Cabaret Moulin or do you have a proposal for a new concept where the drag show is the key factor? Contact  


Over the years, the group has performed and entertained many big stages in Malmö and Sweden ( Moriska Paviljongen, Victoriateatern, Tangopalatset to name a few) and has also been nominated for Sweden's best drag show for several years, most recently 2020 as Stage of the Year. They have also won the Öresund Prize and Dragshow of the year 2016 - delivered by the readers of the magazine QX . Speaking of, the prize - Dragshow of the year - the voting lines have opened for the 2021 edition. You can vote here.


Check out Cabaret Moulin webshop to buy cool merchandise with Cabaret Moulin trademark. 

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