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The Dance Squad

Modern dance to classics

The dance squad under the direction of choreographer and dancer Krullan (Caroline Foss) has followed the trio almost from the beginning. The dancers talent and tough attitude lifts the divas' already magnificent show another notch. Like the group's stars, Babushka , Carina and Elecktra , the dancers also have a wide repertoire. Both as background dancers and in their own danceacts. Their performingskills is a combination between innovative modern dance and well-known classics.

Lively and wild dance

Cool and challenging choreographies, energetic hair-throwing and trendy outfits are some of the dance squad trademark. They radiate an infectious enthusiasm and joy. As a spectator, you will find it difficult to sit still when these talented and sexy dancers performs on stage.

Do you want to join the dance squad?

Cabaret Moulin always keeps the door open for new talent to the squad. It sometimes happens that the dancers get other gigs or assignments and then the need for a new dancer can arise. Do you like to perform on stage? Do you have previous dancing experience? Feel free to email an note of interest to Cabaret Moulin! Dare to dream! Dare to join!

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