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Make up

Makeup for drag queens & dragkings

Over the years, Cabaret Moulin has used several different make-up brands. For theater / stage makeup - products are an important part of creating a glossy canvas (such as covering eyebrows, beard growth and other "irregularities"). It is important with strong pigments and lasting results. The group therefore works with professional brands such as Kryolan. You can also combine this with expressive colors and trendy products that are available, for example, at Kicks, Sephora or other places online. This combination, -to take the best from the best, is really something that makes the illusion accurate. Tips on places to buy: Bon Visage , Sephora , Beauty Bay     

But how do i apply the makeup?

When Cabaret Moulin started many years ago, there were not many makeup tutorials to watch. Then the knowledge was inherited from the local drag queen who taught their "daughters" the secret professional technique. Today it is different where you can find all the help you need via all the tutorials available online on Youtube . Awesome keywords to use is drag + makeup + tutorial but also shading + contouring + drag + tutorial . Drag + tutorial is in general fantastic keywords where you then add the subject area you need help with (such as lips, eyes etc). When it comes to dragkings, the keywords are a little different - then you should use the keyword dragking instead of just drag - for example shading + contoring + dragking + tutorial . 

Robin, member of Cabaret Moulin, reveals some of the secrets in the above tutorial.

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