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Book a drag show for your event

Entertainment you will remember!

The drag show Cabaret Moulin, from Malmö, has in recent years been seen by many visitors on several of Sweden's big stages. With professionalism and a large dose of solution orientation, the trio has delivered many shows at weddings, kickoffs, parties, events, corporate events, yes the list goes on and on. It does not require much to have a successful evening with Cabaret Moulin. All the group needs is a happy and expectant audience, a stage, some ice water and something to wipe the show sweat with. In other words - most things can be solved.

Innovative and modern drag show

Are you currently looking for the next entertainment where guests can experience something new, fresh and different? Something your guests/attendants will talk about afterwards?

Cabaret Moulin has the opportunity to offer a glittery, colorful show for your event. Do you have a special theme for the event? Or maybe you need a conference? Contact us, we can tailor solutions that will suit your needs.  

Experience a maxed out show with lots of iconic performances interspersed with laughter, humor and glittery costumes combined with a wonderful party atmosphere.  


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