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Babushka - The hostess of the show

Who is Babushka?

Babushka is an artist and entertainer right down at your fingertips.  She is the brusque and slightly vulgar madame in the Cabaret Moulin show. With Babushka, you really dont know what might happen during the show - for real. She makes fun of herself, the audience with with an honest and brutally shameless humor.  

You could say that Babushka is a lot of everything and she owns the stage she is on. This bombastic diva emerges like a trainwreck waiting to happen and is truly an extravagant original that will leave skidmarks in underwear when not careful. Her grand personality is divine (and slightly delusional).

Standup or improvised?

You gotta see it to believe it! During the show, Babushka invites performs monologues. These can be any current topic in Malmö, to short skirts or her random bashing of the poor town Svedala. The monologues are combined with musical performances, "voluntary" dances with visitors. The character Babushka is a bit like a swirling disaster thats waiting to happen. 


​Check out Babushkas music from the show on Spotify. 

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