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Where can you find good drag shoes?

You can probably say with some certainty that it is a little easier to find shoes for dragkings as men's shoes are manufactured in most sizes and are available in every other store. It immediately becomes a little tougher to find, as soon as you get up in larger shoe sizes, on the women's side. When Cabaret Moulin started buying shoes for the show, they found a small treasure of boutique online. In fact, the boutique is still there. (if you can live with the fact that most of the shoes are made of polyester and plastic). At Electrique Boutique  you will find all kinds of shoes. Shipping and Swedish customs fee will be applied before delivery.

Drag shoes nearby?

If you want to find women's shoes closer, Deichmann is a good and affordable alternative for both drag queens, dragkings and everyone in between. For drag queens, the sizes go up to size EU 44 - but not in all models. When you have found your favorite shoe and they almost fit - but still are a little cramped/tight - hen you can go the shoemaker and order an extension. It usually works very well and gives half an extra shoe size to work with. This is something that is most appreciated in the front of the shoe (where it often hurts).  

Other good links 

Check out these links. Here is a nice selection in all varieties and sizes.  

Shingles fever
Dragqueencloset (an exciting site within drag to explore)
High heels (Large selection)

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