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Good to know about wigs

A wig seen in a drag show is seldom directly unpacked from its packaging. It takes a lot of styling and often cutting before the wigs are just as desired. First and foremost, it is recommended to rinse out the wigs and possibly. treatment agents that may be in a new wig. Backcombing a wig gives a full hairstyle but also an illusion of a smaller face, which suits a drag queen just fine. Curls / shapes are made with low heat (if the wig is heat resistant) with tools or with warming steam. Use hair spray and spray spray and spray, puts the hairstyle in place. Here you should not underestimate an affordable and "sticky" hair spray from the ordinary supermarket. NOTE! Do not forget to rinse out the wig every now and then.

What wig variants are there?

The "latest" in the wig market are lace wigs. In other words, wigs with a thin tulle cap at the hairline, where each strand of hair is tied in the tulle. This gives the illusion that the hairs grow directly from the scalp and also gives the opportunity to do set or laid hairstyles. "Ordinary" hard-front wigs are harder to get nowadays. Often the material on a modern wig is of a fine heat-resistant synthetic material. For those who want a 100% credible illusion, one can of course afford a wig of real hair.  


Where can I find good wigs?

Cabaret Moulin has over the years shopped on several different sites. The shopping landscape is changing fast and companies are coming and going. Some favorite places that the group wants to recommend are: Webster Wigs which has a large and trendy selection. Wig is Fashion , enormously good quality for a reasonable price and classic Wigs by Vanity that create their own lacefront wigs. Another option is to use the search term Dragqueen + wigs on Ebay or Dragking + wigs on Queerks .

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