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Elecktra - Comedy Queen

Who is Elecktra?

Elecktra is the sparkling diamond, the elegance of the group.  She is a beautiful and true comedy queen. With her timing and facial expressions, she portrays various characters, both contemporary and old icons, gracefully and with a brilliant acting. She adds the c(r)ackling energy and great talent to the production. She is also no stranger of making fun of herself, to the laughter of the audience. 

After Dark & RuPauls Drag Race

Elecktra's charisma and stage presence have taken her from Malmö to the big land in the west, where she has performed with some of the biggest stars in Rupaul's Drag Race  at Showgirls at Mickeys in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. She has also been part of Swedens acclaimed dragshow -  After Dark 's farewell tour and worked closely with Swedish drag-icon Christer Lindarw.  Elektra is synonymous with excellent entertainment and when she enters the stage you can expect a fireworks display of exuberant talent.

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